Overlay Timber Flooring

A modern twist on the classic Tongue & Groove. Timber Flooring Overlay is REAL wood, in fact it is essentially traditional Tongue and Groove Timber Flooring, only thinner (approximately 12mm instead of 19mm).

Overlay Hardwood Timber Floor

Overlay Hardwood Timber Floor

Therefore this product is not structural and must be laid over an existing sub-floor to which the product can be secret nailed and glued. Once laid it is sanded and polished similar to solid T&G.

The colour palate and grade work similarly to solid T&G flooring, however it mainly comes in medium widths.

Because it is packed in short lengths of around 2.5 metres and in carry-in bundles of around 20 boards it means it’s perfect for apartment and high rise living where it is difficult to deliver material via a lift. This product is ideal anywhere a sub-floor is already present and you still want solid timber floors.